Tune up – Fuel Injection
Domestic & Asian (limited European models) are covered
Tune ups can be minor (i.e. plugs & fuel filter) or complete (i.e. plugs, wires, additional filters, cap, rotor or coil, where applicable, and scanning or diagnosis of onboard computer systems).
Tip: Keep in mind no “machine” tells you what’s wrong with the car. It alerts the mechanic to problem areas, but check engine lights can be caused by many factors. A steady check engine light on your car can be driven until diagnosis is performed. A blinking check engine light should not be driven and diagnosed right away.

Brakes and antilock systems are serviced on most all foreign and domestic models. Scanning ABS problems are similar to check engine lights and further diagnosis may be required.
Tip: We do not believe in “pad slapping”. New brake pads touch areas of rotors that old ones don’t and cause rubbing or grinding noises. In most cases, the most important part of a brake job is spending extra time to free up binding or sticky caliper slides and bushings.

Foreign and Domestic
2 & 4 wheel alignments are done by Nye’s using Hunter Computer Alignment equipment.
Tip: Be cautious of “one price fits all” when shopping around. Some cars have only a toe in/out adjustment built in from the factory. It is sometimes necessary to install a camber/castor adjustment bolt kit if the spec is out of range. Every car is different and some cars require more than others.

Shocks & Struts
We use Monroe shocks and struts and cover almost all models.
Tip: Be aware after struts are replaced. The alignment can change and should be checked.

Engine Repair, Timing Belts, Water Pumps, Intake & Exhaust, Manifolds & Gaskets
Serviced on most Domestic & Asian vehicles

Air Conditioning
Domestics & Asian models
We evacuate your system, measure what is recovered, and replace with the full charge based on manufacturer specs.

Heating & Cooling Systems
Nye’s performs radiator pressure checks, thermostats, and flushes on almost all models.
Tip: Newer systems can go 5 years or 100,000 miles before flushing is necessary.

Alternators, starters, window & wiper motors on domestic and most foreign models are overed by our shop.

We stock a large selection of 5 & 7 year Federated Batteries for both domestic and foreign vehicles.

Oil Changes
Currently, oil changes are $31.50 + tax – up to 5 quarts of oil. Synthetic oil and topping off larger quantities of fluids are extra. We recommend Shell oil.

Nye’s rotates tires for free with purchase of 4 new tires.
Tip: All cars and light trucks should have tires rotated every 6-10,000 miles. Nye’s has been repairing tires for 57 years. We patch the tire from the inside and re-balance. We do not plug tires. See the picture of Larry’s artwork showing various things we pulled out of tires over the years. These are on display in our customer waiting room.
Nye’s sells all major brands of tires. Inventory is limited due to floor space, but deliveries are 5 days a week. Our major brands are Cooper ( and Hankook ( Hankook Tires now come on most new Ford cars and trucks. Also available for ordering are Goodyear, Firestone, Bridgestone, Michelin, General, and Yokohama in addition to several discount brands.


Objects pulled from tires
Click picture for larger view

Hankook Tires | Cooper Tires | Monroe Shocks and Struts | Wheel Alignment | Oil Change | Berrien County | Southwestern Michigan

Hankook Tires | Cooper Tires | Monroe Shocks and Struts | Wheel Alignment | Oil Change | Berrien County | Southwestern Michigan

Hankook Tires | Cooper Tires | Monroe Shocks and Struts | Wheel Alignment | Oil Change | Berrien County | Southwestern Michigan